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About Malibu Films. Inspiring Visual Storytelling.

Our vision is to be the most trusted name in the game. We are a collection of multitalented individuals who all share the same passion: art. Specifically multimedia art. Our projects range from commercials and music videos to full length feature films. We are inspired by compelling stories and cerebral messages intended to elevate the mind. Our services are unmatched and it shows every time we pull out the fine tooth comb on each project we commit to. From start to finish it is our mission to guarantee that every client leaves with a positive experience and amazing product they are proud to display on any platform.


If you’re looking for a one stop shop look no further, we do it all. 


What We Do



The pre-production phase of a project is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. Whether it's measured in minutes, hours or days, this planning phase sets the overall vision of the project. Pre-production includes concept idealization, storyboarding, location scouting, and casting. 



We have the experience, the equipment and an award winning team of professionals to help you get a high-quality project done on-time and on-budget. We are driven to produce professional quality work and we take deadlines very seriously.



We offer complete and integrated post-production and can deliver your project polished and ready for air, packed for projection, or streaming on the web. From editing to sound design to color correction and beauty, our team will make your vision come to life. 

What we do

MF Recordz / Recording Studio

MF Recordz is full service recording studio and includes state of the art equipment and accommodations located at our production offices in sunny Malibu, CA. We combine a Ableton Live 10 recording system with Neumann U 87 microphones, analog preamps, compressors, and equalizers to deliver top quality sound. We offer a secure reinforced soundproof environment perfect for vocals, tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing and mastering. Voiceover/ADR are easily accommodated as well. Full visibility between sound booth, musicians, singers and the control room. Great atmosphere with custom lighting throughout the studio to suit your vibe. Whether you're a pop artist, rock band, hip/hop producer, rapper, singer/songwriter or just someone looking to make some noise, we are ready for any of your production needs.

New aspiring artists welcomed. You will be treated with care and upmost professionalism by our staff of producers, engineers, writers and musicians. We want to be a part of making your dreams come true!

For bookings and price inquiry, please contact



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